Power Station (The Promising Prospect of Immortality)

a film

Two men are seated next to each other,
in a completely white room,
wearing all grey.

Simultaneously they turn a wheel,
mounted on a white plateau.

Every three seconds a rotation is completed.

Their stares are dead.

The room has no windows.
The room has no doors.

In unison,
the men start to lean on their left hands.

A voice sounds from a one-way intercom.
The voice is female.

Please refrain from falling asleep.
Please remember you are living the dream.

The men sit upright again,
continuing their repetitive movement.

Some time passes.

A#, B, F#, D#

The men invert their movement,
the rest stays the same.

Finishing a revolution
every three seconds.

F, D#, A#

The men return to their regular rotations.